Hollywood Beach Resort

The Hollywood Beach Broadwalk 

The Hollywood Beach Resort is located just over the Hollywood Blvd Bridge and directly on the Atlantic Ocean and the world famous Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.  The Hollywood Beach Resort has been welcoming guests to Hollywood Beach ever since 1926 after being built by Joseph Young, the founding father of Hollywood By The Sea.


“The Broadwalk is a truly special place, one that affords picturesque ocean views, historic architecture, careful revitalization and environmental protections for endangered sea turtle hatchlings,” said APA Chief Executive Officer Paul Farmer, FAICP. “Hollywood shows how careful planning, enhancement and protection of a public space and adjacent areas can generate a return that is many times over what was initially invested,” he added.

Hollywood’s beach promenade has been a defining feature of the town since founder Joseph Young arrived in 1920 to plan and build a new resort community that would become the Atlantic City of south Florida. By 1923, two years after buying his first parcel of land, a 30-foot-wide by one-and-a-half-mile-long pink cement walkway was completed.

Remarkably, Hollywood’s historic character and unique walkway remained essentially unchanged through the rest of the 20th Century. To capitalize on the Broadwalk and historic architecture, the city established the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in 1997 and developed a comprehensive plan for revitalizing the Broadwalk, and 42 adjoining street block ends that terminate at the cement walkway and making other improvements. To implement the plan, $20 million in revenue bonds were issued in 2004.

HBR Resort Pool

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              SG RESORTS At The Historic Hollywood Beach Resort

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